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    We are now accepting applications for our Summer School Programs 2016
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    Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology (CLP): July 2–9, 2016
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    Early Bird Application Deadline: February 29, 2016
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    Final Application Deadline: April 1, 2016

Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology

To shed the light on understanding of crime, law and psychology…

SCHOLA EMPIRICA is pleased to invite students to:


Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology 2016 (CLP2016)

  2 - 9 July, Prague


The organizer of European Summer/Spring Institute, SCHOLA EMPIRICA has teamed up with professors from the University of Aberdeen and Warwick University to launch a summer course for international students interested in the application of psychological approaches and research methods to criminal justice.

The program aims to invite students of different backgrounds (psychology, legal studies, criminology and sociology), who are interested in the interrelatedness of crime, law and psychology and are willing to combine a challenging academic environment with the holiday excitement.

Students of CLP2016 will not only have an opportunity to listen to professors from the UK’s best Universities, but will also share their ideas and interests with practitioners during guest lectures and site visits. Last, but not least the participants of CLP2016 will have a chance to meet new friends and explore the magnificence of Prague during special events organized by the CLP2016 staff.

Make the most of your summer!
Participate in Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology 2016!

"It was an amazing experience, I loved both the Summer School on Crime, Law and Psychology 2014 and Prague! Lectures, professors, trips, assistance, everything was really well organized for us to make most of this program! I would like to congratulate all of you for the unforgettable experience that I had in Prague! I met great people, learned lots of new things, enjoyed as much of the city as I could and came back to Greece with numerous memories from this whole week! I hope you will continue organizing programs like this!"

Barbara Mathiopoulou
National University of Athens

Become a part of the Summer School and you will:

  • Learn more about the application of psychological knowledge to criminal law
  • Get involved into discussions with academics from the UK’s best Universities, practitioners and fellow students
  • Gain your own perspective on the role of psychology in criminal justice systems
  • Enjoy having fun with new friends from different parts of the world
  • Experience Prague – one of the most beautiful cultural and historical capitals in Central Europe



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